Reviews about “all you need is love!”

"Applause, Bonus-Songs - nostalgia at the end."

"The Coverband plays 30 songs - with a really authentic sound,  all the great Songs were representet - from She loves you to Let it be."

Mannheimer Zeitung,  February 2012


"The enthusiastic audience from the age of seven to seventy gives a long applause and the band returned four more songs."

Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine,  February2012


“More than just a sweeping show… the quartet sings and plays all live on such a high
level that it is hard to believe there’s no Beatles record playing in the background.

Nu?rtinger Zeitung, July 2010

“The revival band “Twist & Shout” follows the great footprints of the Lads from
Liverpool. They succeed visually and their performances are just about perfect.”

Berliner Morgenpost, July 2007

“You don’t even have to close your eyes to imagine that it’s the real Beatles on

Neues Deutschland, July 2007

“Songs to sing along with!”
B.Z., July 2007

“These four have the music of The Beatles down!”
Berliner Zeitung, July 2007

“The biggest Beatles party Germany has ever seen!”
Bild Berlin, July 2005

“Standing ovation for the Beatles tribute “all you need is love and the fabulous
'Twist & Shout'
NRZ Neue Ruhr Zeitung, July 2004

“False Fab Four fascinate! The entire show was very impressive! A great way to
spend an unforgettable evening”

Neuß-Grevenbroicher Zeitung, June 2004

“Now, 38 years later, we finally feel like having experienced what a live Beatles
show may have been like. Beatles tribute band delight with impressive show at the
“Ruhr Beatles Festival”.

Bild Ruhr-West, June 2004.

“Back to the 1960s! Producer Bernhard Kurz made it possible to revive the
atmosphere of a Beatles concert. That show is more than just music.“

WAZ, June 2004.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah forever!“
Prinz Ruhrgebiet, June 2004.

“The whole hotel was electrified by the immortal hits of The four lads from
Liverpool. Anyone, young or old, who is fan of the Beatles will enjoy this show.“

Berliner Zeitung, July 2003.

“It feels like yesterday. The Beatlemania is back again!“
WAZ, November 2002

“Truely convincing.“
Berliner Morgenpost, August 2002

“Stunning. After a few songs they leave the audience screaming, stamping with
their feet and yelling for more. „Twist & Shout play 30 hits in two hours with heart
and soul.“

NRZ Neue Ruhr Zeitung, July 2002

“The legendary Fab Four celebrate their resurrection of the death at the Estrel.“
Berliner Kurier, July 2002

“After 40 years the Kiez experiences a new Beatlemania.“
BILD Hamburg, April 2002

“They play like the real Beatles... And dressed in their matching suits and moptops
they look like real John, etc.“

Blick, April 2002

“The Fab Four are back on stage!“
Berliner Morgenpost, January 2002

“A high-end show starring „The Beatles“.
Westfalen Blatt, July 2001

“The medley of the greatest songs takes you back to the Beatlemania of the

ELLE, May 2001

“The Beatles started their groundbreaking career in Hamburg. 30 years later they
are back on stage and celebrated as ever!“

General-Anzeiger Bonn, 31 March 2001

“Long live the Fab Four.“
GALA, March 2001

“They look like the Beatles – and they sing like the Beatles, too!“
BILD Hamburg,February 2001

“A sensational show.“
BILD, July 2000