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„A smile flashes across the faces of the viewers. They are silently singing along, swaying to the music, moving illuminated sticks and lights of mobile phones to the beat of the music. (…) The extremely appreciated musical is a homage to the Fab-Four, one of the most successful bands in music history“

WAZ, 2016

„There are these and those kinds of coverbands – in the sold-out Capitol-Theater one of the best Beatles-Shows was on stage. Howard Arthur, Alan LeBoeuf, John Brosnan und Carmine Grippo performed for a long time in "All you need is love!" in Las Vegas and professionally the evening was corresponding to that.“

Rheinische Post, 2016

„An almost irritating and prickling exitement arises and for a short time you get the feeling that in fact Ringo in his yellow patent leather coat is sitting at the drums, John and George are playing guitar in fur jackets, while Paul on his bass guitar is fighting the cold in his sports coat.“

Mannheimer Morgen, 2016

„Standing ovations and shouts of encore – at the end there is pure nostalgia. (...) „The doubles played almost 30 songs – really in an authentic sound. All great hits included – from "She loves you" to "Let it be“

Mannheimer Morgen, 2012

„A visit of this nostalgic trip is not only essential for previous Beatles-Fans but also for all those who want to feel impressively what ment "Greatest Show on Earth".“

Abendzeitung, 2011

„More than only an intoxicating show… The four musicians are singing and playing live – at such a high level that is hard to believe and one is assuring oneself again and again that there is no playback and no Beatles CD is running in the background.“

Nürtinger Zeitung, 2010